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Psychological Services

Barbara Jensen has been a psychologist in private practice since 1989. Prior to that time she worked for six years in a psychiatric residence (Janus) for 24 adults, moving from undergraduate intern to lead therapist. She pioneered work with victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse in a psychiatric population, leading both women’s and men’s groups in surviving and moving beyond childhood abuse.

Based in Minneapolis, Barbara sees individuals, couples, families and groups in her private office and also works with several community projects, such as   Loring Nicollet Alternative School. She incorporates many types of counseling into her sessions including art and drama therapies, psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive, and behavioral therapies. She offers both office hours and sessions in a variety of community settings.

barb blueBarbara specializes in many specific areas:

• class-cultural: a range of issues for working to professional class-crossovers
• couples work for cross-class relationships and marriages
• childhood abuse survivors
• post-traumatic stress disorder
• women’s issues
• artist issues
• psychotherapy for folks with psychiatric diagnoses
• grief and loss counseling
• adolescent counseling





• Licensed by the State Board of Psychology in Minnesota
• Master’s Degree in Human Development from   St. Mary’s University
• Outstanding Teacher of the Year in 1996 at  Metropolitan State University
• On the board of the  Working Class Studies Association  since 2008, currently president